They Call Her A Nerd

A Poem About Writing Your Words

Little Monster
Oct 18, 2021


Photo by Joe Ciciarelli on Unsplash

See the thing about poetry is you can play with the words.
People used to find me funny and call me a nerd.
But I think it’s really fun and when I drop my fear?
I can show the world I can rhyme very clear.

I think everyone may find to have their own writing skill.
A gift with their written words that come without will.
And these people aren’t nerds for writing their way.
They are just blessed at least I think so anyway.

And I’m sure if these people discovered their poet?
They would write to whether or not they know it.
So never stop writing what you truly love too.
Remember they love to read and we write so they do.



Little Monster

Im a book and a story just waiting to be discovered. The question is, do you like to read?