Her Shattered Reflection

A Poem About Her Broken Self Image

Little Monster
2 min readOct 18, 2021
Photo by Eugenia Maximova on Unsplash

What if I told you a story brand new?
One you could read and carry along to.
Of a girl who was a little too big for her world.
With beautiful green eyes and red hair slightly curled.

A girl with a dream and stars in her stare.
She loved to daydream when the world didn’t care.
She grew up with her head buried in books.
Loved peter pan and good old captain hook.

She was fast and happy never thinking a thing.
Hoping one day that she would meet her fine king.
She never considered herself a princess.
She thought her life was too much of a big mess.

She didn’t even seem to really understand.
What others would see that she surely can’t.
She never saw anything better than her view.
A view that wasn’t worth hanging on to.

Over time she would turn to the mirror she saw.
For this mirror was cracked and showed every flaw.
Until one day she decided the two of them must talk.
But the girl in the mirror just cried and then mocked.



Little Monster

Im a book and a story just waiting to be discovered. The question is, do you like to read?